Recovering RHEV Virtual Guests in “Unknown” status after losing access to storage

The last thing you want in a clustered virtualization environment is to lose access to your storage. No storage means no virtual server.

A former RHEV client of mine had a scenario where their storage was some how inaccessible to all the hypervisors in the cluster. They power cycled the RHEV hypervisors and even rebooted the RHEV-M management server a few times, but no matter what they did, all the virtual servers were offline, yet the RHEV-M web interface still reported that they were in an “Unknown” state. Not up and online where you could power it off, and not down where you could power it up, but “Unknown” where basically you can’t do anything.

Without a doubt, the first thing you should be doing in this case is phone Red Hat support and let them know what’s going on.  They will always know the best way to proceed.

I’d like to thank ‘eprasad’ on the #rhev channel on FreeNode for the assistance with this issue.

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