Loading Display Pictures/Avatars from Red Hat IDM/FreeIPA into GNOME3

Earlier today I covered adding display images or avatars to your Red Hat IDM/FreeIPA users. If you’re interested in storing user images in Red Hat IDM, you can read more how to do it by following my previous article here. I’ve spent a bit of time this evening working on expanding that new ability into […]

Adding Display Pictures/Avatars to Red Hat IDM/FreeIPA

In most organizations you will come across many systems and applications tapping into the identity management system as a means of keeping all user information central. This could be anything from HR/Payroll, Email and chat services, as well as the security systems which handle those swipe pass access cards for secure building. Most of these […]

Creating a Domain Trust with Red Hat IdM/FreeIPA and Active Directory

This is something I wrote quite some time ago, and some how it was never published. Apologies for the late release.

What is a Domain Trust and why would I want one?

A Domain Trust, in the traditional sense, is a feature that would allow one “Domain” (Typical a Windows Active Directory Domain), to be set up to trust another “Domain”.

In the Active Directory world, trusts are generally used for large organisations who wish to join one organisations infrastructure to another.
For example, Company A has just purchased Company B, and as an interim step of consolidation, they would join them together in order to allow Company A staff to access resources of Company B and visa versa.

With the release of FreeIPA 3.0, setting up a trust with Active Directory is now a supported feature.

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Deploying Postfix with LDAP (FreeIPA) virtual aliases and Kerberos Authentication

For those of you looking for a way to set up Postfix so your client base can login with Single Sign On, this article is for you. Here we will be walking through configuring postfix for the following criteria: LDAP based User lookups (In this article I have used FreeIPA 3.0) Single Sign On authentication […]

Authenticating Apache Virtual Hosts with Kerberos

Below is a quick walk through on setting up an Apache virtual host with kerberos authentication.

If you use or are looking to integrate single sign on into your websites or web based applications in your environment, this will be for you.

Example Details

In this article I will be setting up a new website called, using the below details.

Web Server Name:
Web Server Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3
Kerberos Realm: EXAMPLE.COM
Kerberos Username: testuser

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