Adding Fedora to Red Hat Satellite / Spacewalk

Anyone who has used Red Hat Satellite, or even the upsteam Spacewalk project will know just how great an asset it is in managing very large scale environments on Red Hat based Linuxes. For someone like me who spends a large amount of time testing Red Hat’s upstream release “Fedora” it is advantageous to be […]

Creating a Domain Trust with Red Hat IdM/FreeIPA and Active Directory

This is something I wrote quite some time ago, and some how it was never published. Apologies for the late release.

What is a Domain Trust and why would I want one?

A Domain Trust, in the traditional sense, is a feature that would allow one “Domain” (Typical a Windows Active Directory Domain), to be set up to trust another “Domain”.

In the Active Directory world, trusts are generally used for large organisations who wish to join one organisations infrastructure to another.
For example, Company A has just purchased Company B, and as an interim step of consolidation, they would join them together in order to allow Company A staff to access resources of Company B and visa versa.

With the release of FreeIPA 3.0, setting up a trust with Active Directory is now a supported feature.

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