Creating a DNS Stub Zone in Windows Server 2003/2008/2012

Step 6. Master DNS Servers

Here we can enter a list of known DNS servers for the new domain we wish to forward to.
Simply enter the IP address(es) of the other domain to the list. It will validate itself once you add it to the list.

It is important to add all known DNS servers here for redundancy reasons. As I only have the one Domain Controller I only have one address to add.
Click Next to Continue.

See below screen shot

New Domain Wizard - 05 - Master Servers


Step 7. Finished

Step 7 isn’t really a step, however should everything have been successful you should be finished with the final window.

See screen shot below.

New Domain Wizard - 06 - Complete


Step 8. Testing

Once you have added your forward stub zone, you should now test the configuration.

From a host on the network, you should be able to resolve host names on the network.

You can verify that your stub zone is working by using the “nslookup” command.

In the below screenshot, you can see that when asking for the dns server information for the domain “”, the host name and the ip address of is given.

New Domain Wizard - 07 - Test


Step 9. Consistency

If you are looking for complete transparency of both networks, you should repeat steps 1-8 on the network to point to

This will result in, not only being able to resolve hosts in the network (as we have completed above), but also be able to resolve hosts from any host as well.

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