Managing FreeIPA replication agreements

Step 5. Delete a replication Agreement
Should you ever wish to get fancy with replication agreements, for example, if you were managing multiple sites with replication between locations, you may from time to time need to set up new agreements and possibly remove existing agreements.
Removing an agreement is just as simple as creating one.

You can remove an agreement as follows

[root@ds03 ~]# ipa-replica-manage disconnect
Deleted replication agreement from '' to ''
[root@ds03 ~]#


Now lets have another look and the replication now.

[root@ds03 ~]# ipa-replica-manage list replica
[root@ds03 ~]#
[root@ds03 ~]# ipa-replica-manage list replica replica
[root@ds03 ~]#
[root@ds03 ~]# ipa-replica-manage list replica
[root@ds03 ~]#

after removing the agreement that we created in Step 4, we are now back to where we were straight after finishing the initial replication setup.

I hope this article has been helpful. The guys at Red Hat and the FreeIPA community have really turned this product into a brilliant piece of awesomeness. Its thanks to their hard work which has resulted in me being able to give you all some real world scenarios to help you learn more about the product, and hopefully use successfully in your organizations.

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