Deploying VMware vSphere 5.0

You now have a cluster configuration inside your datacenter. Now you need to add your hosts into that new cluster.
This is an easy step as its just drag and drop. However just for fun, VMware decided yet another wizard would be amazingly awesome.
Just accept the default and click “Next”


Next you get to confirm you want to do this, just click the “Finish” button. I swear we are getting there. This article is huge so far.


Ok, you should now have a new host in your cluster. Repeat this process for all the hosts you wish you use.

You will notice that I have a warning over my hypervisors. This is simply because I don’t have networking redundancy in my implementation. I am only using single nics in this example.

After you have finished you will see a list that looks similar to this.


Now that we have our cluster created, we need to add some storage for our Virtual Machines to reside on. This storage should be accessible to all nodes in the cluster as we will be have enabled HA and DRS.
In my scenario, I will be adding NFS storage.

To add storage, click on one of your nodes, and then jump across to the configuration tab. On the left you will see a link saying “Storage” click here and on the right you will see all currently available storage.


In the top right corner, click “Add Storage”. You will be presented with the “Add Storage”  wizard.
As I am adding NFS storage, I have selected “Network File-System”. Click “Next” to proceed


Next you will be asked for a server name or IP address of your storage, the export path of where the storage resides and you will also be asked to give your storage a friendly name.
Click “Next” to continue.


Once you have entered all your details, the wizard will now confirm the details and will now be ready to finish adding the storage.


You should repeat this process on all servers that you have in your cluster. Please remember to use the same friendly name for your datastore on all of your hosts. VM Live migration, DRS and HA will not work otherwise.

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