Deploying VMware vSphere 5.0

 Step 4. Add hosts to vSphere and create cluster

Ok, so now we should have 1 complete management server and at least 2 physical hypervisor nodes. Now lets join everything together

Start by opening up the vSphere client. You can do this directly on the vsphere server, or you can connect from your windows workstation.

Open the client, enter the DNS resolvable hostname of your vSphere server. Then enter your username and password. If you are logged into Windows as the admin user who you wish to log into vSphere with, you can tick the box that says “Use Windows session credentials”


Once you have logged in, on the left you will see the hostname of your vSphere server. I was rather unoriginal here, as I created my server with the name of “VSPHERE” it it looks a little contradictory.
Lets start by right clicking on the vSphere server and select “Create Datacenter”. This will appear just like a new folder would. Give it a friendly name. I called mine “Example”.


Next up, lets add our hosts to our new datacenter. Right click on the newly created Datacenter object, and select “Add Host”


This will launch a wizard for adding your hosts. This is a one hit process though. So you will need to complete this process for all of your physical hypervisor nodes.
You will need to enter the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) as well as your username and password. Note, the username will always be root. When ready, click “Next”


You will now be prompted to accept an SSH key from the new node. You must accept this, otherwise the wizard will fail.
Once you have reviewed the thumbprint, click yes to confirm.


You’ll now see a summary of your new host. Here it is reporting that I am attempting to add a HP Proliant MicroServer and verifies the hostname I entered.
When ready, click “Next”


Now, yet again, as we are installing proprietary software, it is asking for license information. If you leave this blank, it will use the 60 day evaluation license. You will also be able to change license details later.
Click Next to continue


VMware gives you an option here for lockdown mode. This will basically block any attempt to access the physical hosts, and forces all control to be performed by the vSphere management server. If you wish to do so, tick the box to enable lockdown mode. If you have not tested this before, I suggest you don’t enable this on your production environment.


The last option you have to select is which Datacenter you wish to add your host to. This is useful if you are managing multiple datacenters from the one host. In my example, I only have the one option.


Next up, the wizard is ready to complete the task of adding the new hypervisor to your selected Datacenter.
Click “Finish” to complete the process.


Once again, you should repeat this process to add all the desired number of hosts you should chose to use.
When you have added your hosts, they will appear as follows

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